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Counselor's Corner:


See Something, Say Something: Suicide Prevention

The purpose of the school guidance and counseling program at Wilson River School is to assist students in their educational, career, and personal-social development. The school counseling program at Wilson is unique in the sense that students will still be offered the opportunity to work with their school counselor from Tillamook High School in addition to having access to Wilson’s Wellness and Crisis School Counselor. 


THS School Counselors provide the following:


  • Interprets data to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and others as authorized

  • Assists in identifying students who have special abilities or needs

  • Assists students and parents with educational/occupational planning and provides information for obtaining financial assistance when appropriate

  • Helps students make appropriate choices of school schedules and subjects


In addition to academic and career counseling, Wilson River School is home to a state-of-the-art Wellness Room and students can connect with the Wellness and Crisis School Counselor, Denise Donohue. Denise works closely with students, families, and staff to support each student's social and emotional well being and, in addition, she works with students who may be in crisis. She is available for students of all ages to connect with virtually, work with on campus, or to schedule a home visit. 


The Wellness and Crisis School Counselor provides the following:


  • Helps students develop personal decision-making skills and self-acceptance.

  • Teach students behaviors that can encourage wellness and improve their quality of life.

  • Assists students in transferring from school to school and from school to employment or post-secondary education. 

  • Teach coping, problem solving, and refusal skills

  • Create an environment for students to learn and practice mindfulness to help regulate their emotions.

  • Assists in identifying students who have special abilities or needs.

  • Encourages students and parents to utilize available community resources and provide community referrals as needed.

  • Help to identify risky behaviors, assist students to recognize potential symptoms of depression and anxiety, and intervene with suicidal thoughts, and connect them with TFCC crisis team to create safety plans and collaborate with TFCC counselors to ensure coordinated care between school district and community mental health. 


Counselors are available between the hours of 7:45 AM to 4:00 PM. With the teacher’s permission, students may come to the Wellness and Counseling Room during a class period. It is best to make an appointment with a counselor ahead of time in order to assure prompt service.

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My Story

Denise Donohue started her career in Connecticut where she grew up and became interested in psychology early on in her career and started working with families as a Multi-Systemic Therapist. 


She met her husband at a conference and soon moved to Las Vegas where she attended UNLV Master's in School Counselor program and became a school counselor working with at-risk students.


After spending many summer's on the Oregon coast, Denise followed her heart and moved out to Wheeler, Oregon, and then joined the Tillamook School District family. She has three amazing daughters, two silly dogs, a royal cat, and five loveable chickens! 


How may I help?

d: 503-842-2566 x2235

p: 971-238-9117